Q1 Report for 2024


Greetings as we wrap up Q1! Though the start of 2024 was a tad slower than usual, we’re picking up steam as we glide into late spring and the summer season. Get ready for a bustling summer in the real estate realm!

Overall, we’re seeing an uptick in inventory and sales numbers, though not as robust as we’re accustomed to. But with interest rates holding steady, there’s definitely more action in both listings and purchases.

In Guelph, the market’s holding strong with modest increases in inventory and slight dips in sales, creating a more balanced landscape. We’re keeping a close eye on recent trends like holding offers and the rise in inventory, as they could shape what’s to come.

Interested in a broader perspective? Dive into our full market report covering Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, and the Township Markets for more insights.

Got questions about the Q1 report or what’s happening in the market right now? The von Dehn Homes team is here to chat! Feel free to reach out with any real estate queries or to chat about the latest buzz.

Stay tuned for our Q2 report as we navigate the ever-changing world of real estate and keep you in the loop every step of the way.