Real Estate Market Numbers for September

The real estate market is shifting. Optimistically, we do not see this as a bad thing. Whether buying or selling, our suggestion to our clients is to be accepting of these changes.⁠ The perception is that buyers now have the advantage during a sale, but our educated opinion is that we have shifted into a more balanced market. We have not seen this type of movement in many years and this is what may worry sellers. The truth is, houses are still selling if priced accurately, it just takes a bit longer than we are used to.

These shifts are allowing buyers more time to shop around and do their homework. This allows for fair conditional offers, which helps buyers make a decision they can feel good about. ⁠

For sellers, it means their house needs to be priced sharply. Your expectation should be that your home may not sell as quickly as during the past year or so but that the offer(s) you do receive will be strong and fair.⁠

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, it is important to start the process and the conversation with your realtor early. Do your homework, and go and see properties to compare, so that when you are ready to make your final decision you are prepared and informed.⁠

Please reach out to us with any questions, we are always here to help!⁠